List of Participants


(Pdf-presentations are listed at the end of the page)


Agera eller reagera? Transportlösningar efter 2015, Christina Törnquist, Iggesund Paperboard
Short Sea Ro-Ro Market, Henrik Tidblad, Gothenburg Chartering
Monitoring Economic Impact of Low Sulphur Norms in North European ECAs, Patrick Verhoeven, The European Community Shipowners’ Association

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 

SECA – A Challenge for Shipping in Northern Europe

Nordic/Baltic Shipping Policy Seminar

The Shipping Industry in Figures, Richard Palmer, Statistics and Research Åland
Åland Maritime Academy, Ronny Eriksson, Åland University of Applied Sciences
Maritime Strategy for Finland 2014-2022 – Time to Act, Lolan Eriksson, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland
Low Sulphur Norms in North Europe, Priorities for Shipowners – aka the Matrix, Patrick Verhoeven, The European Community Shipowners’ Association

DNVGL Seminar: LNG and Alternative Fuels

LNG – A Cost-Efficient Fuel Option? Drivers, Status and Economic Viability, Océane Balland, DNVGL
Operational Experience of DNVGL Classed Gas Fuelled Vessels, Thomas Dirix, Machinery System DNVGL
Alternative Fuels for Shipping. A Pathway to 2050, Christos Chryssakis, Maritime Transport DNVGL

Vinnande ledarskap, Mattias Seger, Gaia Leadership